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Welcome To Preciado's Ballroom,
Latin & Swing Dance Studios WebSite

Our studio is the #1 partner dance school in the Santa Clarita Valley. 
Not only have we been here longer than any other partner dance
studio.  We were the first one's that brought partner dancing to the
Santa Clarita Valley back in 2001.

Since then, we have literally trained over 1000+ people to dance in
the Santa Clarita Valley.  We are so successful, that many imitators
that claim to teach partner dancing in the Santa Clarita Valley, first
learned how to dance as students at Preciado's Ballroom Dance

So, don't settle for imitators, instead get with the innovators.  We
welcome you to explore our web site, and get to know our
philosophy of teaching, dancing, and dance art.  Once you
understand why we are so passionate about what we do, you will
also agree with us, that we are hands down the best one's to help
you reach your dancing goals.